Engineering Services: Piping

ATSI Inc. designs process piping for many industries, including the design and analysis of large diameter pipelines and penstocks. Analysis and design is conducted by experienced engineers using First Principles Engineering and Caesar II advanced pipe modeling software.

Process Piping and Support: ATSI Inc. is well versed in piping codes and industry standards, and is capable of providing large and small scale service packages including:

  • Pump or compressor sizing/selection
  • Piping network flow analysis
  • Heat exchanger/pressure vessel analysis specification
  • Specification of valves and other in-line components
  • Design of foundations or piping/equipment supports

Pipe Stress Analysis: ATSI Inc. supports process piping design through First Principles engineering and Caesar II advanced pipe modeling software. Analysis and designs may include:

  • Extreme temperature service
  • Exotic materials for extremely corrosive or reactive fluids
  • Process piping system design
  • Jacketed piping and cryogenic piping design
  • Utility Piping
  • RFP, lined metallic piping and fiberglass reinforced pipe

In addition to mechanical process pipe engineering, ATSI Inc. provides Process Engineering services.


Caesar II pipe analysis by ATSI Inc. for industrial steam line