ATSI Inc. is an experienced Front End Engineering Design (FEED) firm. Whether a full plant design or a planned upgrade, ATSI Inc. ensures the design is correct from the start, keeping projects on budget and reducing expensive change orders.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED) or Front End Loading (FEL) takes on engineering challenges early in the project timeline. ATSI Inc. provides FEED/FEL services to evaluate feasibility, project scope, budget and scheduling.  ATSI Inc. FEED/FEL provides a clear framework for engineering details, ensuring a project is accurately and efficiently engineered prior to detailed design, procurement and construction.   

ATSI Inc. FEED/FEL services develop capital projects and innovative technologies while minimizing risk. FEED/FEL is  an ideal tool for:

  • Evaluating innovations
  • Estimating detailed design costs
  • Determining internal funding requirements
  • Developing lump-sum bid packages
  • Investigating and evaluate optimization options
  • Comparing designs prior to full scale development