FEED/FEL: Innovation

ATSI Inc. provides value-added engineering during critical stages of development. Through experience and First Principles Engineering, ATSI Inc. brings innovation to conceptual design and beyond – from feasibility studies to Pilot and Demonstration Plant development.

Conceptual Design: ATSI Inc. provides creative solutions to solve critical early design issues, help complete conceptual designs, or evaluate designs against our industry experience.

Pilot and Demonstration Plant Development: ATSI Inc. transforms concepts into operational Pilot and Demonstration facilities, handling engineering design decisions, cost estimation, procurement, construction and project management and documentation. ATSI Inc. provides effective data collection and unit flexibility clients help clients effectively market and demonstrate their technology.

Feasibility Studies: ATSI Inc. performs feasibility studies including risk analysis, technical evaluations and comparisons, environmental impact, and ROI.

First principles engineering:  ATSI Inc. combines extensive experience with a focus on First Principles engineering. First Principles engineering is exemplified by a return to theory and root cause analysis resulting in unique and effective engineering-driven solutions.


ATSI Inc. performed engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning  and data acquisition for first-of-its-kind Thermal Solar Desalination Demonstration Plant for WaterFX.