FEED/FEL: Optimization & Improvement

ATSI Inc. offers competitive solutions for optimizing or improving existing equipment and capital investments. From retrofitting existing operations with minimal downtime, to modularization for more efficient new construction, we provide the engineering experience necessary to complete work on time, and on budget.

Efficiency / Cost Reduction: ATSI provides optimal designs to minimize the capital and operating costs and provide the highest value product for its customers. These engineering Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) include

  • Development and evaluation of value-added engineering
  • Maximizing energy efficiency
  • Minimizing parasitic loads and costs
  • Minimizing maintenance and operating costs
  • Minimizing material costs
  • Developing Return On Investment (ROI) comparisons

Energy Optimization Studies: ATSI Inc. develops Energy Studies to identify energy savings and develop effective plans to conserve, optimize, and manage the thermal energy and power in your facility. Studies are provided by experienced consultants with expertise across multiple industries, ensuring accurate evaluations and solutions.

Modularization: ATSI Inc. modularizes complex systems, starting with an evaluation of each project to determine the best path for modularization. Through modularization ATSI Inc.

  • Reduces cost and time of on-site construction
  • Eases construction in remote areas and severe weather
  • Increases quality through factory acceptance testing (FAT) and better construction management
  • Provides repeatability and reusability of fabricated construction 
  • Reduces environmental impact

Repair, Restoration, Retrofit:  ATSI Inc. solves modification issues for time-sensitive plant shutdowns and is a leader in repairing and retrofitting heavy industry production facilities. ATSI Inc. engineers evaluate and execute effective plans to repair, restore, or retrofit installations safely, efficiently, and with minimal downtime.

analysis2.png ATSI Inc. cooling plate analysis for tuyere and coke injection operation, part of a larger blast furnace retrofit.