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Not only is ATSI a full service engineering partner, we constantly seek to provide products that will improve our clients businesses.

Below are several exclusive products and services we offer.


TerraJHydroChem is part of the ATSI family of companies. Several of the innovative products:

1) Enable fast tank cleaning of heavy sludge without entry.

The cleaning power produced by TerraHydroChem’s two-step application is ideally suited for a broad range of industrial cleaning applications. Using our proprietary biodegradable solvent as a pre-soak followed by our final cleaning solution brings the most straightforward and most effective green-cleansing process to the industrial marketplace, surpassing the capability of conventional, competitive, or caustic products.

TerraHydroChem’s tank cleaning adds significant value by:
a) Vastly improving safety by reducing or eliminating the need for manual entry to clean the tank.
b) Significantly reducing the time required to clean the tank (fewer manpower hours).
c) Greatly reducing the time the tank is out of service, improving operations’ supply chain options.
d) Reducing hazardous waste (tank bottoms contain valuable hydrocarbons that can be reprocessed when flowing, avoiding landfill costs).

2) Removal and destruction of PFAs from contaminated soil
3) Separation of oil from contaminated soil and sand

Unique proprietary chemistry powers TerraHydroChem products, enabling them to clean hydrocarbon-contaminated sand and soil. Unlike other remediation methodologies, our cleaning process eradicates the hydrocarbons and organochlorides, often to non-detect levels, allowing the treated sand or soil to be left intact in the previously contaminated area versus transport to costly landfills.



    Our modular reformers tap into the existing network of natural gas pipelines, moving hydrogen production to where it is being used and avoiding long-haul transport by ship, train, and truck.For clients interested in onsite hydrogen or carbon monoixe production as an alternative to transporting these raw materials, a cost-effectvie solution are Bayotech’s skids.

    ATSI is the exclusive engineering partner and integrater of Bayotech’s proprietary production skids.

    What Can It Do For Your Facility

    • Revolutionary Technology means these Small-scale plants have same hydrogen cost efficiency as large-scale plants!
    • Modular reformers tap into the existing network of natural gas pipelines
      • Hydrogen made ON YOUR SITE!
      • Avoiding long-haul transport costs by ship, train, and truck.
    • Steam methane reformer delivers world-scale performance with 25% greater efficiency and 40% lower carbon emissions than legacy plants
    • Capacity Options: Produce 200 kg to 1 ton per day, making it easier to scale production.
    • USA Construction: Reformers are built and tested at the factory in New Mexico.
    • Fast Start-Up: Lead time from purchase order is 6 months.
    • Flexible Cost Options: Both equipment purchase and leasing options, giving you flexibility in planning your capital costs

    What Bayotech Does for the Market

    • Opens manufacturing capabilities away from “hydrogen production centers”
    • Cost and scale of Hydrogen was impediment to numerous projects away from the Gulf Coast
      • Shipping cost of hydrogen prevented manufacturing
      • Large scale hydrogen plant requirements (due to cost) prevented economical manufacturing
    • Bayotech’s technology allows small-to-mid size manufacturing of products using Hydrogen in locations that were impossible before.


    ATSI is the exclusive provider of algorithmica Technologies’ Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) Process Control Software. 100% Client Retention, dozens of world-class companies.

    What Is algorithmica?

    • algorithmica is true Artificial Intelligence (or “Machine Learning” or “Deep Learning”)
    • Uses past data to develop models, so no installation penalty
    • Inputs all unit variables (100,000’s of points) to optimize entire plant
    • Continually updates the model coefficients for true optimization for real-time updates
    • All data is stored on your site

    How Is algorithmica Different?

    • Many companies advertising “AI” are really Advanced Process Control (APC)
      • APC only uses 10-20 variables
      • APC requires on-stream learning (and wasted Client money) by step-changing non-optimal conditions
      • APC fixes coefficients that don’t update
    • All data stays on your site
      • It doesn’t go to the “cloud”
      • It doesn’t go to a remote server
      • It doesn’t have off-site calculations

    What Is The Value?

    • 3-7% improvement in value ($/BBL revenue, yield, energy per unit value, etc.)
      • Higher Yields & Better Selectivity
      • Optimizes Operation based on real-time Economic Environment
      • Reduces transients / waste
    • 50% improvement in reliability / maintenance costs
      • Truly Predictive Maintenance prevents equipment “crashes”
      • Reduction in process opportunity / collateral losses
    • 1-2 month ROI


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